Core Values

Core Values

Wellingtons Development Ltd is associated with the highest standards of quality and employs an unrivalled reputation in the market making it one of the most trusted growing companies with a strong moral code of conduct and high caliber of ethical practice – both for our clients and our partners. We are an objective orientated team with integrity. Wellingtons Development Ltd promises its clients uncompromising success by delivering unquestionable value and quality.

Wellingtons Development Ltd recognizes the value that can be brought to a project through effective Development Management. As the Development Manager is the focal point for the translation of the Client’s project concept and goals into actual project delivery it is fundamental that the right team is employed to carry out this function. Wellingtons Development Ltd prides itself in employing the right staff with the relevant skills and experience to ensure the most effective delivery of the Development Management services.

We are committed to do things right to do it the right way – decisions and actions are with in the framework of ethics moral values and legal requirements bounded by honesty and transparency.

At Wellingtons Developments Ltd. we are steadfast in our conviction to offer independent, specialist advice to our clients. This conviction is reflected in our program management service where our experienced professionals focus solely on the client’s program and its set of related projects, which together will deliver the defined objectives for the organization.

We expect objectives and goals of a program to be typically at a strategic level so that the client organization achieves benefits and improvements in its business operation. We start with strong leadership in our team to set the tone of cooperation, collaboration and open communication with all stakeholders to the program. We understand the factors that drive program success, providing the knowledge and tools for effective implementation that enable all resources to be in place for successful delivery.