What We Do

What We Do

We always strive to achieve predictable long-term result rather than pursue rapid short-term growth.

At Wellingtons Developments Ltd, we offer highest quality of development management service and project management strategies along the following principles:

  • Provide architectural and development management advice
  • Ensure that my service is the best there is
  • Offer services based on our worldwide partnership and affiliations and international partners
  • Draw on your international resources to lower our production fees and costs
  • Work closely with our clients high-quality services

Wellingtons Developments Ltd understands that the Development Manager is essentially an extension of the Client body. In that role the Development Manager and team manages the various elements, which make up the Client body to ensure that the Client decision-making process is as coordinated and timely as is possible and in line with the project development program. We therefore put a great deal of time and effort into fully understanding the Client Organization, the roles and responsibilities of the various parties making up the Client Organization, the project goals and the overall project constraints to enable us to better manage and ensure successful delivery of the project.

Wellingtons Development Ltd strongly believes in establishing long-term alliances with international companies with outstanding track records to ensure our clients needs and objectives are met with a high degree of quality and excellence while maintaining profitable partnerships that facilitate the sharing expertise transfer technologies that benefit all parties.

Many of the Wellingtons Development Ltd experienced professionals’ come from multidisciplinary engineering and management expertise, which enable them to fully understand and effectively manage large construction programs and rollouts.

From the initial stages of planning processes we work closely with clients to establish development goals, set out the criteria for engagement and set up clear communications lines to ensure transparency and clarity of the project’s objectives.

Our Team of professionals assists in the managing of construction programs from the start to the finish managing the project’s planning scheduling, budgeting and cost control, design, construction operation and maintenance of commissioning activities.

The right mixes of planning monitoring and controlling can make the difference in completing the project on time and budget and with a high quality of results.